Witnesses observe entities in the sky in phoenix Arizona

Jeff is one of the Premier videographer sky watcher and ufo hunter in the United States. He was 
the first person to prove that the Hohokam Indians carved UFO sightings hundreds of years ago on 
the mountains around the valley of Phoenix Arizona. His videos and research has captivated the 
ufo world and change the way to understand UFOs through the rock art and his UFO sightings and 
investigations. Jeff has written a book on this subject and is available now on what the phx lights 
really are according to the petroglyphs and the lost history of Phoenix Arizona. Over 20 years of 
research and hiking the mountains around the valley of Phoenix Arizona and filming UFOS in the 
valley Skies he has possible explanations and theories on what UFOS are and has included this in 
his book. Jeff has been in a number of cable shows radio shows and was premiered in the pilot for 
the UFO Hunters show then later as it aired on the History Channel. Jeff has been watching UFOs 
for 20 years now and in the beginning of his research UFO Hunters thought it was was nothing 
more than a theory to the UFO world. But as his work evolved and UFO researchers continue to 
study his work on ufos with the petroglyphs connections they have now come to understand that 
his theories are now facts throughout the years. Jeff was the first person to discover that not all 
ufos are crafts but living entities.Now today other UFO researchers are using his work and 
theories as possible answers for UFOs but Jeff Woolwine was the first to bring this topic and prove 
it’s true to the UFO community and to the world.