What Color is That?!? Beach Sea Glass! Spring Beachcombing at the New Jersey Shore

This week on the Shell Casing Kid channel – Beachcombing! Mrs Shell Casing Kid & I spent last week in Cape May Point, New Jersey. We had perfect conditions and spent most of the time walking the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and Delaware bay looking for treasures, and we made some great finds – beach glass, shells, fossils and more. Check out this short video of our first day & a half at the beach. Make sure you watch the end of the video for a wrap up of our day and a half worth of finds. Please keep in mind that we didn’t just pick up the good stuff, we also carried out a lot of the trash we encountered on the beach, which if you look at some of the clips in the video you’ll see in our bucket. Please enjoy this video and if you like what you’re watching – SUBSCRIBE. We post a new video every Wednesday at 2 PM EST. Sometimes it’s beachcombing (beach combing), sometimes it’s metal detecting and sometimes it’s something else altogether.