Western 'Democracies' Are Corrupt To Their Cores The Awful Superparasite Tony Blair and His Blood $

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George Galloway, the British politician and political activist, talks to comedian Jimmy Dore about the institutional corruption of so-called Western democracies (bourgeois class dictatorships and corporate oligarchies) and the awfulness of the blood-soaked super-hustler Tony Blair. Blair, when he was prime minister of Britain, ordered up phony “intelligence” to justify the invasion of Iraq. Blair was an accomplice to the premeditated U.S. aggression committed by the regime of George Bush, Bush the Younger. Blair also apparently ordered the assassination of British government scientist David Kelly for leaking the fact that Blair’s regime fabricated its claim that Iraq had biological weapons.

Since leaving office, Blair has continued his criminal career. He does “public relations” (propaganda) and influence-peddling for some of the world’s most sadistic dictators. He charges his “clients” millions a year for these “services.” According to Galloway, Blair is currently “worth” 100 million British pounds (about $125,000,000 US at current exchange rates) and owns 28 homes. That’s TWENTY-EIGHT.

Blair has his counterpart in the U.S. in Barack “The Drone Assassin” Obama, who is cashing in on his post-presidency to the tune of millions of dollars. He carried water for the interests of big capital when in power, especially high finance, and how he gets his payoff. The bribes are paid after the favors are delivered.

The problem isn’t a “few bad apples” who are corrupt. The problem is a corrupt system of power. Countries like the U.S. and UK are set up to serve the interests of big money. State power is power exercised on behalf of the tiny class of superrich against everyone else, especially the poorer citizens.

Galloway was interviewed on the Jimmy Dore Show, “George Galloway Sacked by War Mongers & Smeared as anti-Semite,” June,24, 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3WLwEl7ywQ

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