Welfare Assured Scottish Sea Farms – Shame on the RSPCA!

Watch drone footage shot above the Shuna salmon farm via vimeo.com/348596635

Read reports on the welfare of farmed salmon and cleaner fish from OneKind via:

New report exposes serious welfare issues on Scottish salmon farms: https://www.onekind.scot/new-report-exposes-serious-welfare-issues-on-scottish-salmon-farms/

Cleaner fish welfare on Scotland’s salmon farms: https://www.onekind.scot/resources/cleaner-fish-welfare-on-scotlands-salmon-farms/

Read a critique of RSPCA Assured salmon farms via Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland:

New report estimates that Scottish salmon farming mortalities are now running at 20 million fish a year despite 2/3rds of the industry being certified as RSPCA Assured: https://www.salmon-trout.org/2017/07/04/new-report-estimates-that-scottish-salmon-farming-mortalities-are-now-running-at-20-million-fish-a-year-despite-23rds-of-the-industry-being-certified-as-rspca-assured/

Scientific paper on salmon leaping to oust lice via: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180813100303.htm

Read more via:

Protest “Poses Serious Risk to Our Salmon” Claim Scottish Sea Farms – Who’s Calling Who “Dangerous”?: donstaniford.typepad.com/my-blog/2019/08/protest-poses-a-serious-risk-to-our-salmon-claims-scottish-sea-farms.html

Take the pledge not to eat farmed salmon online here salmonpledge.org/

Find out more about the Norwegian investors behind ‘Scottish’ Sea Farms via ‘Scottish Scamon’: scottishscamon.co.uk/report

Watch footage shot inside Scottish Sea farms via vimeo.com/288054862

Filmed at Shuna salmon farm operated by Scottish Sea Farms in Loch Linnhe in July 2019

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