We stumbled upon a great 1700s site metal detecting

A 1700s cellar hole loaded with relics we found in New Hampshire.
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We went out hiking and exploring here in New Hampshire NH to find a cellar hole from the early 1700s. As we walked the old stone walls way out in the woods we came upon a very flat piece of land that had been cleared by the colonists. Upon further inspection of the land we found a footprint where a colonial home once stood and the remains of a very small cellar hole. With our Garrett ATGOLD metal detectors we began metal detecting to see what was in the ground.
Right from the start we were finding old shoe buckles, buttons, spoons and many other 1700s relics. Highlights were a large brass saddle badge and a crotal bell from the Robert Wells foundry in England dating back to the 1700s. New England lost history right here.

Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage
We stumbled upon a great 1700s site metal detecting