we just dug so much stuff detecting this site

Group metal detecting is the way to find lots of stuff.
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In this weeks video we have our friends from Stealth Digger Nations SDN all together for a group dig. Being there is such a large group of us with metal detectors we are going to get to cover a lot of ground, This site is a colonial farm that has been abandoned from about the last 100 years , so you can imagine there is al kinds of stuff in the ground. Metal detecting the cellar hole and the old fields we are finding buttons, buckles, tools, horse shoes, spoons, and a few outstanding relics. Josh with his Garrett ATMAX digs up a complete Clover harmonica which is fantastic. We have dug handfuls of harmonica reeds at this site so to see a complete is great and rare. Waynos digs a flat cast iron dog which is something we have ever seen before. Enjoy this great metal detecting group dig in New Hampshire.
Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage
we just dug so much stuff detecting this site
Steve Hull , Jon Worthen and his boys.