Von Aalen in die Alpen / Releaseparty

A short recap from our little big release party, 10.06.2017.
Music by: Vince Staples – Blue Suede

Von Aalen in die Alpen – a short summary about our last two years skiing, biking and partying.
-> Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/221148933

Featuring the Riding of:
Bene Wunderle / Flo Rathgeber / Tim Greindl / Christian Schwarz / Matze Knödler / Maxi Hessling / Eric Hupfeld / Kilian Erath / Nico Wirth / Urs Ensslin / Benni Weingart / Tobias Rupprecht / Markus Baur

Shot on locations in:
Germany / Austria / Italy / Switzerland

Timelapse by: Christian Frumolt

Drone-Footage by: Stefan Fuenner

Additional Photography by: Christian Frumolt / Adrian Preussner / Tobias Holzinger

A Film by Tobias Holzinger & Urs Ensslin

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