Today Were Metal Detecting A Lake!

In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Seattle!
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Gold Found with the AT PRO (Scuba Diving)

Gold Ring Found (Underwater Gold Find)

Another Silver (Silver Recovered While Scuba Diving)

Scuba Diving Denny Blaine Park Seattle (Underwater Finds)

Underwater Metal Detecting (Scuba Diving For Treasure)

Metal Detecting Underwater Treasure (More Underwater Action)

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Metal Detecting Underwater (lots Of Underwater Finds)

Metal Detecting With The Sea Hunter II (I Try Out The Garrett Mark II)

Bottles Underwater (One Of My Favorite Places To Dive At)

Scuba Diving With A Metal Detector (More Finds Treasure)

About low tone digging metal detecting:
Hello everyone thanks for viewing my channel. I really love uncovering history out of the water and land. I also enjoy fishing with my family and friends. Feel free to leave me a comment or question about underwater metal detecting, Treasure Hunting , Scuba Diving.