Supercar takes on 200 km/h drone

Browning, 15, let his FPV drone, capable of speeds in excess of 200 km/h, loose over Queensland Raceway as Jake and Brodie Kostecki completed their Bathurst wildcard preparations.

It’s believed to be the first FPV drone footage of a Supercar in action.

“The Supercars are insane but my racing drone does give it a run for its money,” said 2018 world drone racing champion Browning.

“The drones I fly can go well over 200kmh and reach those speeds in only a couple of seconds.

“I use first person view goggles that allow me to see what the camera sees onboard the drone. The close up and unique angles I can achieve with my drone open many opportunities for action sports filming.

“Being crowned World Champion was an amazing experience that has allowed me to transfer many of my racing skills into fast aerial filming.”

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