Spent JUST Two Days Metal Detecting in England | What did I find? | AT Max

I travelled three days and spent two in England for Detectival 2019. With our busy schedule, I wasn’t able to capture much footage in the fields, but I did find some relics during my trip across the pond.

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JoceLizabeth (Vlog): http://bit.ly/2CKcLJC
Crazy Lamp Lady (Thrifting): http://bit.ly/2OIvcT6
Naughty Dog Treasures (Treasure Hunting): http://bit.ly/RDAdvnt
Ashtonator (Kid Shenanigans): http://bit.ly/2SU2SP6

–GET the GEAR–

Metal Detector: Garrett AT Max (http://bit.ly/ATMaxDet)
PinPointer: Garrett PRO-Pointer AT (http://bit.ly/ProPointZ)
Mapping App: Gaia GPS (http://bit.ly/RRGaia)
BackPack: Buffalo Jackson Dakota Rucksack (http://bit.ly/BuffJack)
Necklace: Crucible Concepts (http://bit.ly/CrucConc)
Hair Color: Keracolor +Clenditioner (https://amzn.to/2QmcIIi)
Camo: Trailcrest (http://bit.ly/TrailCrest)
HeadLamp: NiteIze “Swipe to Shine” (http://amzn.to/2Hq5UVc)
Gloves: Glacier Glove (http://bit.ly/GlcierGlve)
Magnets: K&J Magnets (http://bit.ly/KJMagntcs)

Camera: Canon G7x Mark II (http://amzn.to/2GaRlYC)
Editing Software: iMovie

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