Pelican breeding research at Lake Brewster, NSW

For ecologist Jo Lenehan, the challenges of field work are made worthwhile by the amazing sights witnessed during the pelican breeding season at Lake Brewster in central west New South Wales.

Jo originally studied as a vertebrate pest ecologist and when opportunity called she found herself working in environmental water management.

During her research she has learnt some interesting facts about the birds and the important role they play in the waterways.

For National Science Week, Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub teamed up with ABC Open to highlight young STEM professionals working in regional New South Wales.


Pelican footage:
Vera Hong – Seconds Minutes Hours
Courtesy of Local Land Services

Body camera, drone footage and still photographer:
Mal Carnegie – Lake Cowal Foundation

Phoebe Cowdery and John Daly
Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub

Video Editor:
Luke Wong – ABC Open

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