Metal Detecting War PT.2 – Battle For Treasure – [ Monument Detector ]

Hello, my name is Olaf and this is the:
War for treasures / real battle for monuments with metal detector PART 2.

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Treasure hunting is my Sport, Hobby & Passion.

1. Secret tunnel & chamber found while metal detecting pt.2 – archeological dig in old city

2. metal detecting HIDDEN BARREL & DEPOSIT of gold found while treasure hunting

3. Treasure of Paintings:

4. Underground chamber revealed & treasure box – metal detecting, tunnel exploration

5. I found a sword and a knight’s ax – a real treasure / metal detecting hunt

6. Secret tunnel & chamber found while metal detecting on archeological dig in old city

7. Interesting-RITE-from-the-Middle-Ages–metal-detecting-archeology-treasure-hunting

8. Urban treasure -hundreds of artifacts in burried city -metal detecting – treasure hunting sport

9. Underwater medieval find – metal detecting & treasure hunting in REAL

10. I found gold, a cross, other treasures and old bottles – a metal detector hunt

11. military weapon & equipment WW II deposit found while metal detecting in buried city of treasure

12. Iron Hunting:

13. 5 m. underground:

14. Found candlestick on rubbish field:


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