Metal Detecting Silver Coins 2019 | Relic Hunting

Metal Detecting Silver Coins 2019. Compilation video of relic hunting with a metal detector. This week we feature channels that have found silver coins and other historic relics during their treasure hunting excursions.

The Weekly Dirt is a weekly review of some of my favorite metal detecting channels on YouTube and a showcase of their discoveries found using a metal detector . New episodes are posted every Sunday and are brought to you by Adventures In Dirt. Come end your week with me and the Weekly Dirt.

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Please take a look and visit the following channels that are featured in this episode. Listed in order of appearance:

Quarter Hoarder

The Digologist

Dog is my Co-Pirate Relic Hunting Montana

Diggin with Deej


MAlyman24 & MDing Etex with Kevin

Ron Just Diggin Life


Wishmeluck Metaldetecting

Thank you to all these channels for creating great content and being awesome ambassadors to our hobby. Keep digging and happy hunting out there.

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Here are some other great metal detecting channels to watch:
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✅ Relic Recoverist

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