Metal Detecting My First Australian Gold Nugget!

Metal detecting gold nuggets way down under in Australia is tonight’s video. Using my Garrett AT Max metal detector and with my friends Warren and Colleen (using Garrett ATX detectors) of NQ Explorers (Youtube), we search for gold nuggets at the recently dug up ground at the Golden Spur Mining site. Ben, the mine lease owner, shows us how his operation works and rips away with his excavator to peal back the first foot or two of topsoil to expose the gold bearing layer below. We all find gold nuggets and have a blast! BTW, what we Americans call “prospecting” they call “fossicking”. You will hear this term used a lot in these videos. This is the first or many videos of my metal detecting adventure in the land of Vegemite sandwiches and huge gold fields.

I wish to give special thanks to Garrett Metal Detectors USA and Garrett Australia for sponsoring me on this trip to the Land Down Under. Also many thanks to my guides and protectors during this awesome journey in this alien world, Warren and Colleen of NQ Explorers (Youtube).