Metal Detecting Gold Coin | The Holy Grail

Metal Detecting Gold Coin, the holy grail of metal detecting…. what could be better?
a Colonial gold guinea was found and featured along with many other awesome metal detecting finds this week. Using a metal detector, these treasure hunters search and find some amazing discoveries and history. Come along and share in their excitement and go with them to uncover a find of a lifetime.

The Weekly Dirt is a weekly review of some of my favorite metal detecting channels on YouTube and a showcase of their discoveries found using a metal detector . New episodes are posted every Sunday and are brought to you by Adventures In Dirt. Come end your week with me and the Weekly Dirt.

Please take a look and visit the following channels that are featured in this episode. Listed in order of appearance:

1. KleshGuitars

2. The Hoover Boys

3. Green Mountain Metal Detecting

4. JetSkiJohn2006

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Thank you to all these channels for creating great content and being awesome ambassadors to our hobby. Keep digging and happy hunting out there.

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