Metal detecting and treasure hunting in a plowed field.

This week we went metal detecting and treasure hunting in a plowed field.
Looking for coins and relics.
I always wonder will there be coins and relics in the ground
or just a lot of junk.
In this plowed field it was both.
We dug a fair amount of junk but also a few nice coins and relics came out of this field.
We also found a realy big musket ball and some other odds and inns
We even dug a silver coin and that is always welcome for sure.
My friend Wouter came with me this day for some time to get some coins and relics.
He could not stay very long metal detecting he had to work .
He got the oldest coin of the day a 1600’s duit.
I used my Garrett AT MAX metal detector.
And Wouter his Minelab metal detector.
A fun day with nice finds what more can you ask for.

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