Metal Detecting 2019: Someone Was Watching and I Took Care of Him!

Metal Detecting 2019: Someone Was Watching and I Took Care of Him! In this video, I have permission to metal detect and old church from the 1890s but as I’m metal detecting the church grounds, I noticed someone watching me from across the street. It was right around the time I think I found GOLD! He never said a word until I was finished. Those exchange of words changed the course of my day and I think I became friends with a Army Airborne Vet. As a veteran myself, it was an honor getting to know him and his wife but it was a bigger honor finding him a few coins (some SILVER) from his own front yard and guess what? I got invited back! What did I find at the church and his yard when I returned? Watch and see. Please enjoy the video.

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The equipment I’m using in this video:

XP Deus with the 9″ round HF coil running 5.2 of the software.
WS4 Head Phones and WS5
XP MI6 PinPointer: Read my full review of the MI6 PinPointer here:

If you are new to metal detecting I want to help you. Ccheck out my article titled “Metal Detecting for Beginners” here is the link: There is so much good information in this article. You will learn something.

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