Metal Detecting 200 YEAR OLD COIN SAVED!

After spending all summer in the water is time to get back in the land. I’ve been working on a few new permissions and this one turned out to be a really great one a 800 acre horse farm tucked in the red clay of Virginia go out and look at the properties or search for properties so large is this you just have to pick the best possible spots and just go with your gut. That was the case today as me and Jamie went to work on this horse farm looking for through the high spots. We were able to get her calls across a couple really nice relics and have a blast not to mention all the new friends we met including Larry Curly and Moe the horses. This is a really awesome permission I’m sure will be visiting in the future lots of places still have to search lots of history still left to find and we can’t wait to get back. A huge thank you to Stephanie for allowing us to come out and visit her beautiful farm and hang out with all her awesome horses and Rachel for showing us around we had a great day and hopefully will see them soon! We hope you enjoy this video if you did we hope you click the thumbs up button maybe even consider giving us a share and if you haven’t already subscribe below you’ll see some affiliate link links that help support the channel but coming by and watching the video support enough as always thank you guys for your for watching and will see you soon! Matt
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