Marcies Coin Spill Cache Metal Detecting!! Potter County Diggers! Her best day ever!!

Marcie was lucky enough to uncover a coin spill cache during this weeks trip metal detecting! We were metal detecting an 1880s home in our town in Potter County. Was pure joy for her she had her best day ever! She even found a bucket lister!! Please watch and think back to your first awesome day.. Remember what it was like when you were metal detecting and came over a coin spill cache.. We also uncovered some mercury dimes, Indian head Pennies and her very first Barber dime!!
I also had a new machine out trying to learn it. An XP Deus.. Very happy with the machine and cant wait to get some hours behind it. Altho Marcie is using a Garret AT Pro and smoked me! It was her best day ever! As she says… Epic! Watch our video as we search for relics and treasure and US silver coins! Metal Detecting 2019~~!

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Just a group of us exploring the history of our county in North Central Pennsylvania…

Through metal detecting.

Follow our short journeys and trips through Potter County and see what we uncover next.

Its not always gold and silver. Most of what we find was used by our generations past. To include suspender clips that held their pants up to toe taps that repaired their shoes for another years service in the tannery’s or farm fields.
We enjoy relic hunting, finding silver coins and searching for all kinds of treasure in our very own Pennsylvania mountains.

We all lead busy lives and will try to get one video produced a month. We are all able to help out with your metal detecting questions. Ask away! Who knows.. We may use your question in an upcoming video!

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Equipment We Use;

GoPro Hero 7
Gopro 5
Iphone 7

XP Deus
Garrett AT Max
Garrett AT Pro
Minelab Equinox 600
Teknetics T2
Makro Anfibio

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer
Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer
Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer

RNB Battery Pack

Predator Ranger Shovel
Lesche Sampson Shovel
Team ATC NX-5 Shovel

Lesche Hand Diggers

Relic Elite (Omega Mill) Pouches
Gray Ghost Catch All Pouches