Irish businessman to launch drone food delivery within a year – here’s how it works

“Your fries will burn your mouth when they arrive because it will take literally two minutes.”

Of all the bold and beautiful dreams that humanity has dared to chase, a service that flies chips directly to your door is fairly high up there. Frankly, it sounds too good to be true but an Irishman is making this delicious goal happen.

Businessman Bobby Healy says that we’ll have drones delivering takeaways to our homes within the next year. His futuristic service will bring you your pizza or Chinese with an average delivery time of just two minutes.

“The aircraft flies at about between 80 and 100 metres,” he explained on this week’s All In. 

“You’ll get a notification on your phone saying ‘aircraft has departed with your chicken chow mein and we’ll be there in two minutes, 12 seconds’.

“Our maximum distance would be three minutes, our average will be about two minutes. You’ll be able to see the little blue dot, track the aircraft and then you’ll get a notification when we’ve arrived.

“We’re 80 metres above your house and you have to accept, you hit a button to accept delivery. When you accept delivery the aircraft will descend down to about ten metres and then it hovers there and it lowers the food down to the ground on a biodegradable linen thread.

“At night we have a very high-powered LED to light up a little circle on the ground. It’s like a tractor beam or something.”

The whole thing, Bobby continued, looks “spectacular”.

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“There isn’t a person in the world that isn’t going to try this once at least. The question is, will they try it twice, three times, four times?”

It’ll transform how we get our takeaways, he added.

“If you’ve ever ordered online food, the average delivery time is nearly half an hour in Dublin, at peak time it’s over an hour.

“Burger and fries, which is what everybody wants delivered, doesn’t travel very well for that amount of time. We will get your fries – they’ll still burn your mouth when they arrive because it will take literally two minutes.”

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