HereEast – Connectivity Film

HereEast sits on the site of one of London’s largest data centres – it needed to be to accommodate the London 2012 Olympics TV centre that previously sat in it’s place and so HereEast commissioned a short film to promote the uniquely connected position that occupying a space within HereEast would present to a prospective tenant.

The creative team decided that a visual illustration was required to give the audience a sense of scale and decided on the, uniquely British, red telephone box. The footage was shot on a crane on the back of a flatbed in one of HE’s vast floorspaces over the course of a day along with some drone footage for an update on project construction (

The footage was shot by Skypower and I handled all the editing and grading. I had to fight a little bit to give it the Michael Mann-esque treatment you see in the video. The voiceover was recorded by the usual “voice of HereEast” Sara Kestleman and music and sound was effected and mixed by The Factory.

Full Credits:
Camera: Skypower
Creative: Tom Fenwick-Smith (Poke)
Producer: Rachel Adelson (Poke)
Edit & Grade: Joe Boyle (Poke)
Voice-over: Sara Kestleman
Sound: The Factory

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Viewed: 65