Drone photography walks fine line between art, aviation safety hazard – City

The rising popularity of drone photography has allowed Jakartans to appreciate the beauty of the capital from up above. However, flying drones for this purpose brings the art of aerial photography head to head with aviation safety regulations.
Regardless of the fun of seeing things from up above, there are rules that drone pilots must obey to ensure their drones do not pose a danger to other flying objects and to the people underneath them.
Instead of seeing these rules as a limitation to do his hobby, Gading Drone Photography (GDP) founder and head Sute Darmawijaya sees them as serving a greater good.
GDP was founded in 2017. It began with a group of drone owners who lived in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, and wanted to share the experience of their hobby.
GDP quickly expanded and now has 57 members from various cities, most of whom are residents of Greater Jakarta….

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