Drone Inspection [ Speed Test ]

Was going through my old proactive folder that I had in my PC. While doing that I saw this old footage, I have taken at my office, using a nexus 5 mobile cam , which then made me think that I should put a drone or a minion or a spaceship in there.
When I discovered this footage, it suddenly made me think, what can I do in like 2 hours to make this footage more interesting with my drone idea incorporated.

This was the result.

Automated door opening, was engineered by Shraddha Ashar. Thank You Shraddha

For my VFX friends. Detail description of what I have done.

1. Stabilised the footage
2. Camera tracked ( and deleted ) … Yeah din use a camera tracker.
3. Imported the drone ( Element 3D )
4. Animated the drone.
5. Color correct the footage
6. Put lens distortion and other effects
7. Render it.
8. Sound Mix it in Adobe Premiere Pro
9. Add watermark. ( Yeah I am obsessed with my work )
10. Export it

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