CLEANING METAL DETECTOR FINDS Best Method for Cleaning Coins and Jewellery from Metal Detecting Find

CLEANING METAL DETECTOR FINDS Best Method for Cleaning Coins and Jewellery from Metal Detecting Finds in Australia. Includes How to Clean Australian Pennies, Half Pennies, Silver Coins Florins, Six Pence, Three Pence and other Rare Old Australian Coins. Plus we found GOLD Jewellery, Rings, Silver Rings, Necklace Pendants and lots more Treasures Metal Detecting

QUEST METAL DETECTORS Cleaning Coins with Music, Coins Cleaning, Metal Detecting Finds .. We show our Cleaning Process for cleaning and preserving your Metal Detector Finds, Coins, Jewellery, Badges, Copper, Silver, Bronze and other Metals..

Best Method for Cleaning Old Coins
Best Coin Cleaning Solution
What Chemicals to use when Cleaning Coins
How to Clean Old Coins from Metal Detecting

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How to CLEAN OLD COINS and Metal Detecting Finds from Australia, Penny, Florin, Half Pennies, Silver Coins, Jewellery, GOLD Rings, Pendants, Necklace Broaches, Jewels, Ruby Ring, Silver Ornaments, Pewter with Opal, 1947 Florin Coin Australia, 1921 Australian Penny, 1950 Kangaroo Penny Australia, 1911 Australian Commonwealth Penny .. Gold Rings, Silver Rings


We use Plain White Vinegar to clean the coins ..
Rinse them in Vinegar also .. do not use water at any stage or the cleaning or rinsing process
Dry with a Tea Towel (Not Paper Towel these leave fibres and make a mess)
Then when dry for 2-3 minutes
Straight away coat them in Extra Light Olive Oil and leave sitting for 1 day
Then put them into Plastic Zip-Lock Bag for air tight preservation

Some purists say not to clean coins but if you feel compelled to this is the best way we found and use this all the time when cleaning and preserving our metal detecting finds

If its a really rare coin like 1930 Penny, 1925 Penny or 1923 Half Penny or rare key date Penny Coins we recommend to NOT CLEAN THEM AT ALL .. get them professionally cleaned, tested and appraised by Professional Coin dealer. You can ruin the value of a rare coin by cleaning it

Rare Australian Coins and How to Clean Pennies
Best way to Clean Old Coins

How to Clean metal Detecting Finds


With Quest Metal Detectors you can find GOLD, SILVER, RINGS, JEWELLERY, COINS and other interesting Relics from 100 to 200 Years ago. Metal Detecting is one of the fastest growing Hobbies and Pastimes all around the world. It’s easy to do, low cost to start and you can make money from the valuables you find, or you can keep them to show your friends and family, grand kids or even host them at a Historic Museum or just keep them on display

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