Blue Hive Drones – Roof Inspection and Demolition

We were working with a roofer to document the demolition of a golf course clubhouse.

We are eager to assist in tracking the progress of your developments. We have been selected to provide footage to Project Managers and Engineers to track the progress of a project, confirm contractor work, document health and safety practices or simply to document the project from start to finish allowing you to prospect new customers of your own. The drone also grants us the ability to inspect hazardous, or dangerous locations and structures.
Our industrial specialties are:
* Solar panel planning
* Rooftop Air Exchange Placement
* Construction progress updates
* Asset, building, roof and tower inspections
* Surveying and mapping
* Site assessment and viability

Our main project focus is in these areas:
* Residential and Commercial Real Estate
* Construction, Demolition and Engineering
* Tourism and Golf Courses
* Sports Photography and Events

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