Biggest MISSING Feature On TESLA and Other EV's – Agree?

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The world of electric vehicles is really shaping up with the announcement of a new model or new offering relatively frequent. Tesla has done some really cool stuff by pushing power limits to the extreme in a luxorious package. With the presentation that Tesla originally provided it was unlinke any other driving experience. The cars produced no to minimal noise, simplicity in use and maximum efficiency. Unfortunately for people like myself who truly enjoy all aspects of driving(road feel, engine noise, visual reference points) Tesla removed probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of driving for me – sound. Since I installed a dual exhaust on my first vehicle I have always enjoyed the sound of the power the vehicle produced. Even with vehicles without exhaust being able to put the windows down and hear the purr of the engine just enhances the driving experience.

While I completely understand that the Tesla models weren’t made to be like other vehicles I would like to see some type of option for adding audible attributes to speed, acceleration and pedal position. With all of the quirks Elon and the Tesla team have added to current models I think an ddition such as this would be very fitting. I also feel purist like myself would be more at home driving a Tesla if they had a feature such as this.

Do you agree? Would you like to see Tesla or other electric vehicles adopt this type of feature?

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