663-grams of monstrous GOLD NUGGET uncovered in VOLCANIC ROCK!

Gold Nugget Explorer Episode 6

**Since a lot of you are asking, Wendy is using this specific metal detector:
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Please do note that we are not sponsored by bounty hunter.**

Episode Synopsis:

Wendy, she’s a new-comer, arrived and joined the team this late August.

She doesn’t have her own exploration team since nobody invited her into the island, she just brought herself into the island on her own research and connections.

And since she feels comfortable with our woman-majority team, we just invited her to join in.

Some facts about us and the island:

Based on local folklore, the island is pretty much just a big active volcano that last erupted some 370 years ago. This is a fact and verified based on historical records.

But what remains a folklore is the story that the volcano slew some molten gold on its main outlet, together with what they called, the hardglass, which is believed to be diamonds by the prospectors.

This same story is known throughout the island and possibly the whole country. but very few believe this, and the government seems to be hiding this to harvest the gold ores after they get rid of the rebels.

Team Update:
Zoey (Filipino) ~ Still at her home country (probably busy enjoying her finds). No updates for her return, although she still request for our footages for her version of the documentary series.

Thea (Ukrainian) ~ We both went back to the island together. Episode 4 will be pretty much Thea’s since she pushed it to be early to show our best finds of the series.

Wendy (South African) ~ New girl on team. Has knowledge on refining the nuggets.

Robb (Trumplandia) ~ Just enjoying each and every second on the island. The narrator guy for episode 1, 3 and this episode 4

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