4AY Rhythm Of The City Image Song – Townsville, Australia (Late 1970s)

– For our Aussie friends, the TM Productions Rhythm Of The City image song for radio 4AY in Townsville.

This jingle was customised for radio stations all over the world during the late 1970s and early 1980s, including KFRC in San Francisco CA, 93 KHJ in Los Angeles CA, WCSC in Charleston SC, WBNQ in Bloomington IL, DWRT-FM in Manila, 2UE in Sydney, 2CA in Canberra, 3DB in Melbourne, 4AY in Townsville, 5KA in Adelaide and 6PM in Perth.

Most of these are readily available to listen to on YouTube, but the 6PM, 4AY and 2CA versions were missing in action until now. You’ll find them all on The Radio Vault’s YouTube page.

This recording is taken directly from the master reel.