1800's House Metal Detecting Adventure

I’m Cleggy, and I love to get outdoors and discover awesome relics with my CTX & GPX 5000 metal detectors.
Join me on my Adventures to dig up and save History.
I started detecting 4 Years ago. My first metal detector, was a Garrett EuroACE (link below for where to buy one) it’s a good Biginners metal detector. My Second detector, was a Makro Racer and the one I use now is a Minelab CTX 3030 and in my opinion its the best treasure hunting metal detector you can buy! You are not going to miss a thing with the CTX 3030.
Since then, I’ve been hooked on the hobbyand just love going out to search for the unknown. You’ll see me in the fields serching for Historic Coins or Carrying out geophysical surveys looking for historic foundations under the ground.
Wherever the adventure brings us, I’ll try my best to keep you entertained.

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Music by my friend, Jo Cullum https://youtu.be/OgphKbp1Sfg