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Where to Find Treasures With Metal Detecting


The obvious approach to making finds with metal detecting is to go to places where people frequent in large numbers. However, you also need to be inventive with your approaches and look with different eyes.

Here's a list of some places you might start to look:

· Old Schools and College and University campuses.

· Recreational areas such as parks or sports fields.

· Open spaces where events such as the circus, fairs or flea markets have just been held.

· Places where old buildings used to stand, abandoned buildings (especially churches and old homesteads) are great exploration areas as well.

· Along rivers, particularly popular swimming holes and river beaches.

· Camping grounds and picnic sites.

· Beaches.

· Quarries.

· Old cemeteries.

· Old historical battlefields.

· Abandoned railway lines.

· Old stone walls, particularly search along the base of these walls.

· Under the concrete or paving of sidewalks that are being removed for repair, you may find items from when the walkway was used in the past before it was paved.

When you search in any of these places, you should view the site differently, especially where there are lots of other metal detectors in the area. Think about what spots might not normally be searched. For example, you might try very steep hillsides since most people would probably search the flat areas first. Also go for the very edges of recreational areas or fields, look for overgrown bushy areas and try hunting there with your metal detector. Do not needlessly go for the obvious.

Some more guidelines to follow when hunting for treasure in these spots:

· You can not go too slowly with your detector, patience and process is key to finding the great stuff.

· Know your metal detector, what readings and sounds mean – this comes only with lots of practice. A different machine will not needlessly give you better results, it is rather the understanding and knowledge of the minority difference between different readings that really helps you. Know your machine.

· Do not be afraid to search in surprising places where most people think you will not find anything – you never know.

· Always write down a potential spot when you see it, the Chinese have a saying "the palest ink is better than the best memory".

· Go with your hunches. Our intuition is often right and some of the greatest finds have been made on a hunch.

· Do not be shy to hunt in the same area and at the same time as other detectors, in fact it might be fun.

· Always try to take your metal detector along with you when you travel, sometimes the best spots happens unexpectedly and you'll kick yourself if you do not have your detector with you.

Wishing you lots of success and happy hunting.

Source by Ken Rowsby