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Where to Find Gold Outdoors With Amatuer Prospecting and Panning


With the price of gold per ounce reaching record levels, many people are becoming interested in amateur gold prospecting and panning. Although most people might assume that gold can only be found in certain western geographical areas of the U.S.A., it’s a fact that you can find gold in one form or another in almost every single state in the union. And becoming an amateur gold prospector yourself is both inexpensive and fairly simple to learn.

There are two basic ways for amateur prospectors to find gold in the United States: by panning for gold flakes in creeks and streams, or by metal detecting for gold nuggets on dry land. Both methods can end up being fruitful, but many prospectors find that they are better suited for one over the other.

A third method for prospecting is searching for veins of gold deposited in rock (usually in conjunction with quartz) and using a hammer and chisel to extract it. This method, however, doesn’t usually produce results as measurable as panning or metal detecting for gold.

The first step to take when starting your gold prospecting hobby is to find out if gold has been found in your state by amateurs either by panning or metal detecting. Even if you live in a state that isn’t well-known for having gold mines or deposits, you might be surprised to discover that there are gold prospecting clubs in your area. Because gold is so common across the country, there are panning opportunities in dozens of states.

Secondly, order a simple beginner’s gold panning kit on the Internet. Gold panning starter kits are usually less than a hundred dollars, and they include everything you need to get started. A plastic gold pan, snuffer bottle, classifier, gold vial and even a how-to book on prospecting are usually included in the kit.

When you’re ready to get started, the best way to learn is from experience panning enthusiasts who have prospected in your area in the past. If you can’t find a local gold panning group to join, however, there’s no reason to worry… luckily, gold panning is something that you can easily learn how to do successfully on your own.

Thanks to the Internet, there are literally hundreds of different gold panning how-to videos that you can find online and watch to learn the right methods for finding gold. Experienced prospectors have uploaded plenty of great footage of panning in action in states from Florida to Alaska.

Once you’ve researched local gold panning locations, identified a good creek or stream to get started in, and learned the basics about panning technique, it’s time to dive in. Don’t expect to find gold flakes on your first try or even your first several tries… it can take a long time before you find success, but don’t give up. All of the hard work will be worth it when you find your first gold nugget or flake!

Source by Phil D Van Treuren