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Where To Detect Gold, Metal and Others In Montana?


Montana is one of the places in United States that is famous for its gold reserves. It was known that in 1852 the first gold was discovered in Powell County on a creek. Then in 1863 another place in Montana called Alder Gulch near Virginia City, that a lot of golds were discovered in this area. Since then Montana is known for its gold production and now Montana ranked number seven among other states in the United States in term of gold mining.

Montana is well known for copper as well and the reason people find gold is because of the effort to find copper in the area. Below are the places in Montana that is well known for its gold mines.

  1. Argenta. It is located near the Rattlesnake Creek. This creek is famous for its gold. It was discovered in the year 1865.
  2. Beaverhead County. In this county, the first gold was discovered in 1862 and it continues to produce gold til today.
  3. Bannack district. You can unearth gold in almost every creek in Bannack. Gold mining started here since 1862 as well for this district. One of the famous creek here is the Grasshopper Creek.
  4. Dillon. The mining started here during 1930’s and it is famous for a creek called Camp Creek.
  5. Melrose. It is located northeast of Montana.
  6. Monida. Monida has plenty of creeks with history of people finding gold in it.
  7. Wisdom. Pioneer Creek is located in this area and like the other places in Montana this place is a heaven for people looking for gold.
  8. Confederate Gulch District. There are 3 creeks in this area that you can find gold in it. Every creek has mining activity and all of them use placer mining as the method to find gold.
  9. Radersburg District. There are many rich lode mines in this district. The Crow Creek and Eagle and Sam Creeks are traditional place to look for gold.
  10. Townsend District. This place is a legend to find gold. The famous place is Deep Creek 3 miles from Townsend.
  11. Berry. Look out for Yellowstone River if you are at Berry.
  12. Cascade County Montana. Between 1881 and 1959 thousand of gold in ounces have been found here.
  13. Neihart. The county are well known for producing silver but they produce gold as well.
  14. Kalispell. According to pass records the gravels in this area contain gold and there are many successful stories of people finding gold here.
  15. Bozeman. There’s a river called Gallatin river here. There are always locals along this river looking for golds.
  16. Hobson. Yogo creek is situated here; you can find placer mining here.
  17. Stanford. Nice gold can be found along the running wolf creek.
  18. Utica. Not only gold that can be found here, according to record books you can also find rubies and sapphires here.

As you notice here, almost every creek, rivers and mountains in Montana are rich with gold. For those searching for places to find gold I hope this article helped you in your research in finding gold especially in Montana.

Source by Adam Searle Brown