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Where Gold is Found, Metal Detectors


You hear stories all the time of people with metal detectors combing over tailing piles and finding large gold nuggets. Its not that difficult to find this gold providing you start with a search plan before you begin.

When you face a gold bearing area that has been torn apart by countless miners some common themes apply. First: Everyone is in a big hurry to find gold … any gold. In the process large nuggets are missed.

The best way to find these nuggets is to set up a grid over the ground you plan to check. Start with the most easy, obvious places first. I call this hidden in plain site syndrome. The mentality here is, "do not check there, thats just a path everyone walks on". This is reverse to how most of us think when it comes to finding anything, but large gold nuggets are usually found close to well worked / travel areas. The grid method allows you to take an orderly way of completely checking an area.

Next, the rule that gold sinks down fast is generally true, but, with this type of searching all the gravel has been displaced and there has not been any water flow and or time for the gold to sink so, the surface of the ground is the right way to search and that is where gold is found.

One final note worth mentioning, do not forget to check hard to reach areas. Close places that are inconvenient or just a pain to explore. The bottom of small water falls, depressions in the ground, under or around log jams and under old planks and machinery.

Source by Randy M Leaf