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What Metal Detectors are Best for Metal Detecting on The Beach?


As you will often find metal detectors are used for treasure hunting and finding relics as well as there being many models and types available each will have its own set of different features, as well as the quality and reliability of each model differencing also. Certainly each metal detector available has its own disadvantages and advantages.

But like many people you are unsure what kind of metal detector you should purchase and hopefully the information provided below will help you in your quest to find one that is suitable for use on a beach.

The first one we are going to look at is the White Spectrum XLT. Not only is it easy to use but it is well known for being user friendly (even a beginner should have no problems with this one). There is a manual available for this metal detector which is easy to understand. Often you will find that most people use this model when either in Beach or Jewelry mode at the beach (it also has a relic mode but this does not seem to work as well on the beach). This model has the added bonus of being very convenient to carry.

Now we are going to look at the White Pro XL 6000 which many people buy because of its look. This unlike the White Spectrum has fewer buttons for you to scroll through when you need to adjust or change settings. Yet it still may take you some time to familiarize yourself with all its features but once you do see how useful they can be. Unfortunately although the Pro XL 6000 seems to have more depth and intensity than the Spectrum, there is one fault with this model in relation to the creators on it which can become loose and you have to be careful not to knock them when making any adjustments. Also any jarring or bumping to this model may also result in you having to start or reset any adjustments you have already made because of its knobs being so sensitive. In fact some people who use this model have found that rubber bands work quite effectively when wrapped around the knobs to stop them moving or becoming loose.

Ideally when purchasing any metal detector it is best to buy one that is light weight this is especially important when you are looking for things on either a riverbank or in a body of water. Although it is good to know how to make adjustments to the frequencies of the metal detector especially when using it on a beach it is also important to find the right place or location for using it. Preferably the modes on any metal detector should be adjusted so that the depth and intensity will be specified and clear when using in any location not just on the beach and always familiarize yourself with the metal detector you are using prior to keeping any searches so that you can get the best results possible.

Source by JC Christian