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Used Metal Detectors – 3 Tips For Buying a Used Metal Detector


On the one hand, you can hike around the beach, through the woods, or your own backyard and neighborhood. In addition, there is the potential to finding a relic, a lost bit of history, and even some money or something of value. You never know. Yet, the investment of a new metal detector can put some people off on the whole idea. The solution is to buy a used model to "get your feet wet", as they say.

1. Before buying any used model, check out the manufacturer; make sure that they are still in business, and the model you are getting is not a very old one. After all, you do not want to buy a detector, and then find out that getting spare parts or your questions about the unit answered is going to be impossible. Always try to buy from a good, solid reputable firm. A recently discontinued model is one thing – those can be quite cheap, but one hopelessly out of date is not good.

2. Talk to people who have been treasure / relic hunting for a while and know something about it. There are clubs and web sites for such groups. See about joining them, and then ask the members for the models they recommend for a "newbie". One very important thing they will tell you to consider is where you plan to be searching. Different brands and different models are best for different areas and things to search for. So, searching the beach as opposed to the woods, and looking for coins and rings rather than gold dust entails using completely different equipment. So, talking to people who have been down that road is an excellent way of figuring out what to buy.

3. Look at some of the models being offered on discount web sites, and even places like eBay. Often you can pick up a decent metal detector for a very low price. But, be sure to refer back to the first tip: make sure you are not buying something that – if it breaks – you can not get serviced.

Source by Joseph Mettler