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Treasure Hunting Tips – Four Tips That Will Boost Your Chances


Many people like to hunt for treasure in their spare time, especially metal detecting hobbyists. Whether you are hunting in the city, on the beach, or in an open field, here are some universal tips that will help you no matter where you are hunting.

The first treasure hunting tip is to do your research. Looking up old photos of historical sites will inform you where large groups of people gathered. Look for old picnic spots and places where there were annual gatherings. Wherever lots of people were, you are bound to find old coins, lost jewelry, and other interesting items. When you are near a school, look for faded patterns in the grass. A rectangular pattern gives evidence of an old football field, while a triangular pattern reveals an old baseball diamond. Both of these are likely to yield results.

Secondly, bringing the proper equipment. Bring headphones along with your metal detector. This will block out background noise that will otherwise cover the low-pitched frequencies coming from your metal detector; especially on the seashore where the sound of the turf is loud. Hard-cap knee pads are another piece of equipment that will be convenient. These will prevent your knees from getting sore as the result of kneeling for long amounts of time to dig. Also, a small spade is a necessity for digging. You are not likely to find good finds treasure hunting unless you bring the right equipment.

A third tip is to search in less obvious and unintentionally places. Keep an open mind and maintain a broad perspective, do not restrict yourself area-wise. The ever-changing environment offers you many opportunities to treasure hunt in unusual places. For example, consider following the expanding limits of cities. Where bulldozers and tractors have dug up earth to make a place for new businesses and homes, they will have unearthed some treasures. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to obtain permission from the contractor before searching at a work site.

A fourth treasure hunting tip is to check the weather before you go. A stormy day may harm your metal detector. Also, be sure to bring the right clothes and shoes for where you are going. If you are heading out in the wild, bring good boots for hiking. Boots will also protect against animal bites. Be prepared and bring lots of water. You do not want to have to turn around and go home because you are too dehydrated.

Source by Brandon Allred