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Treasure Hunting at the Beach – Use Discriminator or Not?


Beach treasure hunting can be fun and sometime very lucrative. You

can combine a family outing at the beach with treasure hunting on the


We strongly advise you to have a metal detector with a minimum 6

inch coil. Also make sure the coil is waterproof. We have found some

nice items in a foot of water at the beach.-You want to utilize a

systematic search.

Bring sting, or draw out a square pattern array in the sand.

Search each square. This way you don’t miss a potential find.- A lot

of people use discriminators in treasure hunting. They are excellent

in their own, but I never pass a hit with out scooping the sand after

a hit.

This brings up a little story about using discriminators. I was

searching the beaches of San Diego for the first time. There was a

rugged looking gentleman, using an older model of a metal detector

searching the beaches. He had no discriminator. I watched him for

about 15 minutes hunting. He came on many hits. Most were aluminum

pop taps. I mosey over to strike up a conversation. Dan has searched

the beaches of San Diego for the past 15 years. He indicated he has

been able to pay for his metal detecting hobby just searching

beaches. I told Dan, if he had a newer metal detector with a

discriminator he could save a lot of wasted search time, digging up

bad hits. Dan said, “Oh I don’t mind digging up the junk, it helps

clean the beach and beside, I have all the time in the world, I’m

retired Navy”

Just as he finished that statement he had a strike. I asked him if

I could scan his hit with my unit using discrimination to demonstrate

the saving techneque? Dan said, “sure”. My detector indicated

aluminum caps. Dan said ok, and used his sand scoop to scoop up the

sand containing the hit, There were about 5 can tabs, and low in

behold, in the middle of the tabs was a diamond ladies ring. I turned

off my discriminator for the rest of the beach hunt. I made 4.75

dollars that day for about hour of searching.

Don’t forget to search by walkways, concession stands, grass areas

where people lay out for the sun.

Happy treasure hunting.

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Source by Joseph Buffalo