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Tips for Finding Valuable Relics With Metal Detecting


The key to making great finds with metal detecting is to observe your environment and identify unique spaces that may hold great treasures. Even those areas that have already been hunted may still yield amazing finds, because patience, diligence and the willingness to "dig" will make you a winner in the hobby of metal detecting.

As you begin to be more observant about your environment, you may begin to notice oddities in the landscape, a hole that is unusual or a little hillock in a field. These skills are developed through experience and practice, but if you follow up on these little details you're certain to come across some interesting finds, sometimes even valuable relics from the past or hidden caches of coins.

Unnatural looking objects or features in the environment are often signs of previous human habituation. And where there were people, there may be treasures. Investigate anything unusual that does not look like it belongs in the current environment and was not naturally formed by wind or rain. For example, if out exploring you encounter a small hill and then notice that it has bricks sticking out of it, then it is clearly a man-made formation and should be searched.

Trails and Paths: Paved with Gold?

Some of the best places to look for old relics are along ancient paths and trails. Explore the area adjacent to these paths very carefully and you might unwelcome coins, old watches or even old weapons.

When exploring along these old roads, keep an eye out for old walls along these roads, very old trees and particularly lone trees. Search these areas extremely well and also take your time at intersections as these were places where people often congregated.

Stone Walls and Marker Trees: Great for Relic Hunting.

Large trees often served as prominent farm markets in the old days and many of these huge old trees still survive today. If you find one, search the area around the tree with great attention. In the past, individuals would sometimes bury caches of coins or other treasures next to these marker trees (so they could find them again later). Often they never made it back and those treasures might still be waiting for you to dig them up.

Stone walls are also excellent spots to search along – sometimes people dropped coins along these walls or also hid hoards of valuables there.

The key is to get out there, explore and be patient and persistent. The rewards are well worth it.

Source by Ken Rowsby