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The Metal Detector Pinpointer – 5 Popular Models


Serious treasure hunters know that for precise locating of small targets, a metal detector pinpointer is essential. So which ones are any good? These 5 pinpointers are used by hobbyists and pros, and are among the most popular choices for precision hunting.

Garrett Pro Pointer

The ProPointer uses static detection for quick, easy target retrieval. It is water resistant and can be washed after use. It featured 360 degree side scanning, an LED light and a scraping blade. It usually goes for around $150.

Sun Ray X-1 In-Line Target Probe

This is considered by many to be the best metal detector pinpointer, and as such it is the priciest at $170 or so. It works as a secondary coil, and activates at the flick of a switch. It uses the same power source as your detector and has all of the same functions (alarms, visual ID). It can be submerged in water, as long as the switch box (which is water resistant only) is not.

Detector Pro UniProbe

This is a probe, headphone and pulse inductance metal detector all in one single until You can use it alone, or with your main detector. If you add a search coil and rods, it becomes a complete metal detector all on its own. The electronics are all built in to the headphones. Works with fresh and salt water and with all types of ground minerals. Of course, all of this means a hefty price tag…about $350.

White’s Bullseye II Pinpointer

This is a hand held metal detector pinpointer that will run up to 20 hours on one 9 volt battery. It does not require tuning. It has a handy LED light, so you can see deep down into those dark holes and crevices. White’s is a popular and trusted name in metal detecting, but surprisingly this pinpointer is a very reasonable $100 or so on average.

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

A low price tag (around $50) doesn’t mean low performance! This pinpointer is small, light and simple to use, and makes it ideal for beginners or casual hobbyists who don’t want or need a ton of bells and whistles. Sensitivity is controlled and adjusted by one knob. The price is right, and the performance is sound. All in all, a good little metal detector pinpointer for basic, casual treasure hunting. If you have kids, this is a great choice for them as well, since it is easy to operate and to understand.

Source by Jon Bragge