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The Allure Of Beach Metal Detecting


Of all the types of activities using metal detectors, beach treasure hunting may be the most popular. Other than the appealing and accessible setting, what makes spending the day sweeping the beach with metal detectors worthwhile?

In general, metal detectorsists love the hunt and the feeling of satisfaction they get from finding odd bits and pieces, and occasionally running into something valuable after a methodical search. Going to the beach is a bonus of sorts for metal detectors; they can enjoy the sun, sand, and water while indulging in their favorite pastime. Aside from that, bringing their detectors to the beach has the added pleasure of allowing them to help out troubled beach goers who, quite often, lose jewelry going back and forth the sand and the water.

Beaches are great places to hunt, especially during the seasons where they are often packed. High turnover of visitors and lots of activities from swimming to beach volleyball, mean increased chances dropped coins here and there. Sunbathers slathering on sun tan oil or sun block lotions are also liable to leave behind jewelry.

Success rates factor in beach metal detecting too. Again, for veterans and beginners alike, finds are bountiful; whether it's in the form of loose change or the occasional piece of jewelry. Any newbie would be thrilled at finding coins, valuable or not.

Searching on dry sand, wet sand, or shallow water gives hunters great variety and wide areas of search. In fact, hunting on wet sand and on shallow water can go beyond the peak beach seasons. Due to the movement of the currents, the sand gets stirred and moved around, carrying buried items closer to the surface and leaving them easier to pick up with metal detectors.

Metal detecting enthusiasts of all levels love hunting in beaches for many reasons. For one, it's one of the easiest, least intimidating, and scenic locations to lose oneself for a day of sweeping these devices and listening for that particular ping. Particularly for beginners, beaches provide an inviting and relaxed atmosphere where they can practice hunting or learn more about the workings of their metal detectors.

Source by Marie C Malacaman