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Send Down The Rain


A contemporary gospel chorus is my mandate for metal detecting in the heat of central Forida. The song writer requests, "Send down the rain Lord, send down the rain, we need the rain …"! I love putting on my CZ 20 headset and go detecting in the rain.

Why the rain? I could answer that question just from the fun side. I love the rain. The boy in me has always enjoyed playing in the summer rain. I am careful not to be a lightening rod. I do not want to be a fried but (t), if it is raining, I want to be in it! Let me answer this from the technical side too.

Moisture in the soil is a very important variable in metal detecting success. In fact, there are two key factors why the settings and coil speed on a given day may be a good choice but on another day the same settings and coil speed would be a poor choice even in the same exact location. I am convinced that soil moisture along with the type and amount of soil minerals are the cause of this taking place.

The degree of moisture and mineral content present in the soil will limit the detector's signal penetration. When mineral content is high and moisture level is low, detection depth is minimal. On a given day, a medium to fast coil sweep will work well, while on another day you might need to use a low sweep. In Florida's lightly mineralized sandy soil the greater the moisture the deeper the signal. Send down the rain Lord!

Here's to "diggin it"! Larry

Source by Larry E. Smith