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Relic Metal Detecting Information – Finding Good Places For Metal Detecting


Looking for treasure or relics buried in the ground has been the pastime and obsession of many people through history. If you're going to try taking treasure hunting, or relic metal detecting a step above coin shooting, you're going to need clues to find good places for metal detecting. How do you get this metal detecting information?

Here are three ideas for possible sources … We will take the "detective" approach to look for leads.

Historical records of all types could provide hints to the location of treasure. Records have even been made of full-blown "lost treasure" legends. Legends, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt. Do not sell the farm on account of one without you're pretty sure! Many famous legends have been worked over pretty good, and proven to be either false or true. But there are still local stories and records. These are best found in the archives of your town or county seat. This is where it all begins … well … almost …

It may come as a casual remark or an answer to a seemingly casual question. An informant is a great find. When you think of an informant for treasure hunting, you might also think of someone with many years and experiences on their record, someone who knows the land and the people from years of adventures in a certain area. But the informant could be almost anyone, because legends and stories are sometimes passed down from person to person, and someone might tell you. If you get an important tip from someone about the location of a treasure, remember to reward them for their help if you find it!

Two or three or four are better than one in this situation. If you think you're on to something, it would be a good idea to gather friends and get help finding and sorting information. Good friends are great company and encouragement when relic metal detecting and treasure hunting!

Here are the tips recapped. Use books, informants, and get more people helping you. With this dragnet, you should be able to collect enough metal detecting information to find good places for metal detecting and make a find, or at least know where a find is!

Source by Lucas Bullington