Garrett Super Scanner V manual metal detector / work time up to 100 hours

A product of a reputable American company
Popular and reliable device
Precise and handy


Super Scanner® is a construction which was created for one special event – the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. It was tested during very important mass event, proving that it is a functional device of very high quality. The popularity of Super Scanner® also proves that it is very efficient and simple in use.

The most important feature of the detector is its high sensitivity, allowing to scan at optimal distance, e.g. detecting a pistol from 25 cm, knife – 15 cm, razor blade – 7.5cm. If there are any objects in the vicinity which may cause interference with the device’s functioning, it is recommended to lower the sensitivity of the detector. By pressing just one button we can eliminate the interference caused by other metal items and perform a reliable scan. When a metal object is detected, a sound alarm, vibrations or red LED light is triggered. Additionally, once the device is turned on, the diode lights green and turns yellow when the battery is low.
Garrett Super Wand® complies with the following electromagnetic compatibility and health safety standards

National Institute of Justice Standard-0602.02 ‘manual metal detectors for detecting hidden firearms and contraband’ US Department of Commerce, NBS SP 500-101 CE EN 55011, EN 50082-1,I-ETS 300 330 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE C95.1-1991 section 4.12

Adjustment: manual
Speaker: built-in
Sound frequency: 2KHz (changeable)
State indicators: diode
Vibration mechanism
Power supply: 9V alkaline battery; NiMH batteries (optional)
Work time: 9V alkaline battery – up to 100h; NiMH batteries (optional) – up to 45h
Safety classification: IP54
Produced in USA
Work temperature scope: -37ºC to 70ºC
Maximum humidity: up to 95%
Dimension: 42.0 × 8.30 × 4.13 cm
Weight: 500 g
A product of a reputable American company
Popular and reliable device
Precise and handy
Perfect for quick search
Powered by 9V battery – work time up to 100 hours

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