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New to Metal Detecting? 5 Useful Tips to Finding Treasures


Tips on metal detecting are always appreciated and welcomed when you first start out with this hobby. It can be overwhelming figuring out which tools you need to use, as well as trying to find good places to find buried items. Here are five useful tips that can help you find the treasures you're seeking.

1) Treasure hunting is exciting as long as you know what to wear and bring with you to make the trip enjoyable. Since you'll be outdoors for most of the day, you'll want to bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This is especially important during the summer time. Sometimes you'll be outside for hours walking around. This can work up an appetite. If you do not want to waste time going to a nearby restaurant or food vendor, be sure to bring some snacks along to tie you over until you can eat a big meal after your excursion. You'll want to pay attention to the weather forecast. Make sure you bring the proper attire to keep you warm or cool depending on the time of year.

2) Researching the areas you will be visiting is a must if you plan to really find some items of interest. You're going to want to learn what kind of people tracked through the area, as well as what time period this happened in. If you find these two items out you may be more successful in finding hidden treasures since you'll know what you¡¯re supposed to be looking for.

3) Cover any holes you dig up and throw any garbage in trash cans or bins. When you first start out you're going to dig a lot. It'll take some time to get used to the signals you're hearing. Make sure you cover up these holes so no one trips and falls. Any garbage you might find will want to be disposed of in the correct manner.

4) Joining metal detecting clubs in your area will help you with finding items of value quicker and easier. Those that have been on metal detecting hunts for years can help you work your equipment correctly so that you will have an easier time learning the different signals and find items of value quicker. Do not be shy if you have never used a detector before. You'll only get better once you learn how to use it properly.

5) Getting permission to search certain areas is required sometimes. You'll want to explore farms, fields, historical locations once you get more experience and most likely you'll need someone's permission to hunt these places. Make sure you get permission from the owners. Neighbors may be well-meaning, but you can not trust everyone, so be sure you get permission from the actual people who own the property.

Knowing these tips on metal detecting will help you enjoy the hobby immensely. Pretty soon you'll be able to teach others these same key tips to finding metal detecting treasures.

Source by Otto Daleren