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My Favorite Garrett Gold Nugget Hunting Metal Detectors


My favorite metal detector to use for hunting nuggets is the Garrett Infinium LS. It is a Pulse Induction detector (PI) which is very different from a VLF machine. A pulse Induction detector is more like sonar that cuts on and off within milliseconds and is not effected by ground minerals. A VLF (very low-frequency) detector emits a constant frequency or multiple frequencies more like radio waves and is effected by iron infested ground minerals.

My second most used VLF detector for nugget hunting is my Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger. It will find a.1 gram gold nugget very easy and smaller if you are on your game listening carefully.

Ever since the new Garrett AT Pro has come out it has tied or bested my next favorite detector for this category which is a universal detector (do it all). My GTI 2500. I have found nuggets with this machine from Georgia to California. If the ground will handle it I use the 9.5″ Imaging coil as it is the most sensitive coil for it besides the small 4.5″ coil. However the new 11″x8.5″ DD coil that just came out for the GTI 2500 is showing that is a VERY capable coil for Gold and Relics and gets the depth of a 12″-13″ concentric coil.

The new AT Pro is showing that it will be quite good for gold nuggets as it has the same high frequency of 15 Khz as the Scorpion and both will pick up those tiny.1 gram or smaller nuggets very well. I have some videos I have done to show the new AT Pro in action doing some testing with it.

The only metal detector of these four I have not found this natural precious metal with as of yet with it is the new Garrett AT Pro. The only reason is that it is so new I haven’t had the opportunity to get to the goldfields to try it out. My test however I have done on video show that when it gets out in the field it will make a fine prospecting machine.

In summary, the top 4 Garrett Metal Detectors I use for gold nugget hunting are:

1) Garrett Infinium LS

2) Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger

3) Garrett AT Pro

4) Garrett GTI 2500

Source by Terry Mattingly