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Metal Detectors – How to Use Them


Whether you are an experienced detector or you are just thinking about getting into the wonderful hobby of metal detecting. There is one important thing to remember. You can have the most expensive machine on the market but it will not do you any good if you do not know how to properly operate it.

First, always read the instruction manual. Chances are it is chock full of helpful tips. If you are just getting started, then I would suggest a simpler model. Some of the fancy ones with all the bells and whistles come with quite a large learning curve and who wants to spend all of their free time trying to figure out what the metal detector is trying to tell you when you should be finding old coins or even better some gold.

These simpler machines are often referred to as a turn on and go unit. They are a great way to start and will more than likely find enough goodies to get you hooked and when you get enough gold, coins or silver then you can use your new found wealth to buy a more expensive machine.

Using a metal detector is pretty straight forward. You position the coil just above the surface of the ground and move it from side to side. Do not lift the coil as you move it. Try to keep it the same distance from the ground at all times. Lifting it can cause false signals. This is very important and a mistake I see people make time and time again. Another very common mistake is the speed at which you move the coil. Keep it nice and slow. This is not a race. Sweeping the coil too fast will cause false signals or even worse, it might completely miss the target. If the coil moves over a metal target the machine will notify you either with a sound or a light on the display. Now it's time to dig. With practice you will soon be finding your share of gold and coins, I know I sure have.

Source by Dan M Smith