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Metal Detectors and Getting More Depth From Them


Have you ever noticed how some people seem more "lucky" with their metal detector then others people? Perhaps this is "luck" that they are running on but the people who find great treasure do not rely on just luck. They take the time to set up their metal detector so it is right for them and now you will be able to.

Here is some quick theory on how metal detectors:

There are two basic factors that determine how deep a metal detector can penetrate the ground.

1.) The diameter of the search coil.

2.) How the electronic circuitry of the coil itself

Now if all detectors have a maximum depth why can more experienced people get more out of a detector then they other less experienced detectors can? Read on for the following tips and you be finding deeper, older coins that other people are passing over.

1). Slow down.

A lot of people starting out in metal detecting tend to walk and swing way to fast. Its hard to develop the patience to go slow and steady but your efforts will be much more rewarding.

In saying that it is possible to swing some detectors too slowly. The best way to get the correct swing and walk speed is just to throw some coins on the ground and sweep over it at different speeds until you find a speed that is good for you.

2). Do not discrimination.

Now a lot of people call me crazy for saying this but I would definitely dig up fifty pieces of trash and find one good treasure then potentially miss something of interest. If your detector is not finding anything lower your discrimination. Sure you will pick up trash but, you also may come across a hell of a find that you would of otherwise missed.

Increasing your discrimination on most metal detectors will make you lose length and a lot of potential finds.

There are a very high percentage of treasure hunters out there who set high discrimination on their metal detectors and they are skipping right over those treasures. If you do not discriminate you will find yourself digging up treasures that other people simply skipped right over!

3). Keep your loop low to the ground.

For every inch higher then the ground you swing your metal detector that is another inch you are costing yourself in depth.

The best place to swing is against the ground itself. You can protect your coil with an inexpensive coil cover. Sure you will scrape against rocks and dirt but it is worth it when you are penetrating that much deeper in the ground.

Remember. The deeper you can penetrate the better chance of finding that elusive treasure.

3). Always use headphones.

It is a very basic concept but one I feel is often overlooked. Do not just use any headphones laying around, you will find that stereo headphones will be too fragile to last long in the field. It would benefit you to ask around your local metal detector store or search online to find a good pair.

The head phones you want are the big headphones with cups that surround your ears. These headphones enable you to hear those weaker and deaf signals that you miss when you use a Walkman-type headphone.

4). Keep your swinging distance short.

You also want to keep your swinging distance short. The longer the length of your swing the less control you have over your detector. The less control of your detector the more kindly you are to lift the loop off the ground costing you more penetration.

5). Hunt when the ground is wet.

We all know that water is a great conductor but many people do not put two-and-two together when it comes to looking for gold. After rain the ground becomes wet and becomes a much better conductor for electricity meaning the detector can "sense" metal objects (weather they are coins or gold) a lot deeper and clearer. The wetter the ground, the more depth you're going to get from your detector. Give it a go you may just be surprised.

The other great benefit of going out on a hunt when the ground is wet is the ground is much easier to dig when it is wet, making life that little bit easier.

Source by Shaun Carroll