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Metal Detector Buying Tips For Beginners


Metal Detecting is an exciting and healthy hobby. It is exciting as this hobby provides the opportunity to discover buried treasures. At the same time it is healthy as one needs to be outdoors in order to enjoy the hobby.

The first step to take up this hobby is to buy a metal detector. However buying a metal detector is no easy task as there is a large variety of metal detectors out in the market. Further more as a beginner one may not know how to go about buying one. Here below are four considerations to consider when buying your first detector.

The first consideration is to decide on your budget. The budget should include the cost of the metal detector and associated accessories such as a headphone, digging tools like trowels or beach scoops. You may also consider others, like coil cover and a metal detector bag.

Next, the second consideration is to ask the question on where you are going to carry out metal detecting the most. This is important because it will affect the type metal detector you are buying. It makes no sense to buy a detector that is not water proof when you are going to be detecting at the beaches. A good way to decide is to look at where you are currently staying.Very likely you will be detecting locally, although if you are near beaches, it is likely that you will be detecting there. So get a metal detector suitable for detecting in beaches.

The third consideration is the weight. A metal detector can be a heavy item, so make sure you are comfortable handling the metal detector you buy. It's no use to find out later after buying that the weight is too heavy for you to handle.

The last consideration is whether to get a used or a new detector. A new detector, you get to enjoy the full manufacturer warranty and then peace of mind. On the other hand, getting a used one, you can get a higher range detector. However as a beginner, it is advisable to get some thing manageable in order to pick up skills and to learn. It's no point having a sophisticated detector with functions that overwhelm you.

Finally, with the above four consideration taken into account, it's time to research on the metal detectors available that meet your requirement. The best place to research is online or drop in to a local dealer to talk and to ask questions. Remember you are getting a detector that will accompany you for long term. Here's your time and do not rush into buying one or you may end up with an unsuitable detector.

Source by Cornelius Gee