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Metal Detecting With My New Whites DFX Metal Detector


Firstly, I have been a serious metal detector for many years and have in this time covered more miles than I care to remember, but I still have plenty of go in me and I am going to go everywhere I have not yet been.

Previously I had a Whites eagle detector, my love for this machine was strong and the day it stopped working was the day my heart was broken. I thoroughly believed that metal detecting and I were soon going to have to part company due to financial constraints and the ever increasing prices of decent metal detectors. My need for a new metal detector was great, but unfortunately my need to pay the mortgage was greater. My future and metal detection prospects looked gloomy.

Everything looked like doom and gloom for my hobby, that is until I conceived of a cunning plan, to sort out and collect all the old tat that I had previously found on numerous metal detecting trips.

I had in my collection about 12 hammered silver coins, none of which were of any great significance. I also had some 16th and 17th century tokens, 12 assorted Roman denarii and about 250 scabby bronze Roman coins. I also had a couple of nice medieval lead seals. My cunning plan was to open an e-bay account and use all of the treasure that I had previously found to finance my new and much desired metal detector, expecting to raise 50% of the cost of my new machine.

Fortunately for me it turns out that old metal detecting tat is highly prized by collectors from all over the world on e-bay. I soon had bids on every single item that I had offered for sale on e-bay, it was also apparent that it was not going to be a problem raising 50% of the money for my new metal detector. In fact I totaled up all the bids and I was amazed to see it had exceeded all expectations, one particular coin; a denari of Nero was well on its way, having already been bid to half the price of my new metal detector.

The e-bay auctions all ran their course and I had enough money to buy the new machine of my dreams with some change left over. I ordered my new machine from Joan Allen, and it arrived in perfect condition, I could not wait for the weekend so I could get out and try it so I thought id pop out early that evening to give it a go. Needless to say my new Whites DFX metal detector performed beyond all expectations, I searched one of my favorite sites, which although at first this site had produced some really good finds, quality items were becoming harder and harder to find. However it was not long before I realized that my new metal detector was far more advanced in its performance and technology and I was finding lots of things that my old machine had obviously not picked up on, had my old machine not broken I probably would have stuck with it until it fell apart. I was convinced that my old Whites machine was the best metal detector in the world I now think otherwise, I now know that the Whites DFX is a far superior relic hunting machine.

Source by Rian Relic