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Metal Detecting Information


It does not matter if you're new to the hobby or an old hand to it. Metal detecting gives you an active life style and interactive experience, getting you out of the house and into nature, the feeling of adventure and discovery as you visit new places and learn their histories and stories, with the reward of lost treasures. You never know what you might find around the next corner, anything from worthless to priceless, from coins to jewelery, from bullets and rounds to military uniform accessories. And with the growing popularity of metal detecting clubs, you will be able to meet fellow treasure hunters with common interests.

As all hobbies, people tend to want to start with the best equipment on the market, to have the edge over everyone else, but as any expert would say, do not. Start out with something cheaper and work your way up, learn the routes of the trade first. Remember metal detectors are expensive. Learn how to accurately read your metal detector first otherwise the most expensive metal detector will be as useless as a broken one. Of course a higher class metal detector will give you an edge but after you learn the tricks of the trade the machine makes little difference in what you will be able to find.

The beach is one of the best places to start out with a new metal detector. You can also start in an open field or in your own back yard. Do not start out in an area that has an overwhelming amount of signals, it will drive you crazy. Start slow and dig up all the signals you get, as you do this you will start learning the different kinds of signals that you get and will ever know which signals you can ignore and which is more likely to be something of value. Most metal detectors have a discriminator that helps you pass over worthless items such as foil and nails. But do not discriminate too much, the more you do the less depth you will have and you might just pass over some old coins or small gold rings or similar valuables items. Try out new settings on your metal detector until you are happy with the signals you are getting, or ask fellow treasure hunters for advice.

As with most things in life, there are a few rules to go by when adventuring and treasure hunting. Respect other people while you are out hunting for treasures, cover up the holes that you dig up when you are done, to prevent other people from falling or hurting themselves because of your negligence. Also always take everything you dug up with you when you are done. You just might find something valuable you overlooked at home after digging it out of the ground. One last thing to remember: Do not trespass on other peoples properties. Make sure where you go is not privately owned property, or talk to the owners to get permission before you start detecting. It can prevent a lot of problems coming your way.

Source by John P Wright